What is the increase in vegetable prices? How many times?

What is the increase in vegetable prices? How many times?

"There are more than a dozen pounds of spinach, catching up with meat!" In the door of a fresh supermarket in Xicheng District, Beijing, the public sighs. Since October, the national vegetable prices have continued to rise, and individual vegetable varieties even doubled.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the average wholesale price of 30 kinds of vegetables from October 18th to 24th is 12% per kilogram, which is 12% from the previous week, including broccoli, eggplant and caravan wholesale price rose%,%, and% respectively.

According to industry insiders, every year is "Qinghuang", the summer vegetable listing is basically over, and the autumn and winter vegetables are listed, the market supply is reduced, and the price increase will increase.

"It is unfavorable weather such as heavy rain and low temperature this year, and magnify the seasonal fluctuation of fresh vegetables.

Guo Liyan, director of the comprehensive situation of China’s Macroeconomics Research Institute, said that since the middle and late September, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, etc., continued to low-temperature rainy weather, resulting in slowing the growth of vegetables, and the field humidity has increased the pest harm, multi-earth vegetables The area is delayed, and even reduced production, the price of vegetable vegetables increases.

Beijing Xinfang market staff introduced that spinach as an example, affected by continuous rainfall, the spinach produced by Liaocheng, Shandong, is soaked. At present, there are only a small number of greenhouse spinach in Liaoning, and the market supply has been greatly reduced, and the price is high.

In addition, experts pointed out that in my country’s vegetable production districts and sales areas are relatively separated, and heavy rains have inconvenient to harvest and cross-regional transportation, and the cost of acquisition and logistics cost increase, the price fluctuation amplitude is also enlarged in the short term. Since this year, fertilizers, vapor diesel prices have risen, and further raise the production of circulation production.

In order to ensure that the people "vegetable basket" is stable, many sectors have recently introduced a series of warranties.

The relevant person in charge of the agricultural rural ministry, said it will organize experts and agricultural technicians into the fields of field, and guide farmers to strengthen field management, improve the anti-counterfeit and high yield of vegetables. For the low temperature weather in the later period, guide to implement the facilities and vegetables Disaster prevention and mitigation measures such as clear coverage of exposed vegetables. At the same time, guide the affected area and the large-scale structure and planting scale, and develop fast-growing leaf vegetables, bud seedlings, and increase market supply.

"The Ministry of Commerce pays close attention to the market supply and demand, price changes in the country and the epidemic, and the deployment of the local winter Mingchun life necessities market is deployed, and the government reserves will be put forward, and the business circulation enterprises will strengthen the production and sales. Connect, increase the number of stocks in key time.

"The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said on October 28.

All local governments and companies are also in action – Beijing research and development of major agricultural products wholesale market reducing transaction fees, directly reducing the transaction cost of operating merchants and transportation drivers; many wholesale markets in Shanghai will link through suppliers, "Suburb Claims "etc." etc. Analysis, follow-up with the production capacity of vegetables, some of the delayed vegetables are concentrated, and the autumn and winter vegetable supply is guaranteed. Some varieties are expected to fall back.

"Agricultural input price and transportation cost maintain a high level, and the meteorological department predicts that the Winter will form a Ranna incident, which may have extreme weather, affecting the production of vegetable production in some areas, and the pressure of highlight operation is still stored.

"Zhang Jing said.

Experts suggest that all localities must reasonably arrange cross-regional procurement and transportation, and timely replenish local fresh vegetables consumption, improve the winter reservoir mechanism, measures and do a good job in life and other life.

  (Reporter Wang Yu Xiao, Yu Wen Jing, Anzhen; Participation: Wang Jing).

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