[Media Duocheng] photo is not beautiful and magical

[Media Duocheng] photo is not beautiful and magical

?Thatteenagers, Atraditionally,,I rarely see the grunge photo.If you accidentally take a shot, and you can’t add a filter, a diagram or use other methods to beautify it, it will be quickly removed.

Reference News Network November 22 reported that the United States does not have TheMagicofBadPhotos photo magic PamelaPaul Pamela Paul t, bychance, abadphotoistakenandcannotbefiltered, edited, orotherwiseenhancedintosomethingvisuallyacceptable ,,,,, usuallyaweekorlonger, dheadbacktoaFotomatafterhavingdroppedoffthelittleblackplasticroll, fullofhope, barelyrememberingwhatwasonthere, becausefilmwaspreciousandtherollmayhavetakenmonthstocomplete, especiallyifitwasa36ratherthana24, riodfromaninexplicableandoccasionallybrutal-lookingpast, rsetheydorderedanoverpricedsetbuttheydkeepthephotosanyway ,,? Thatteenagers, atraditionallyawkwardandself-consciousset ,, tourbuseswouldmakestopsnotforplainoldphot ,,, nohashtags ,? Today we rarely see the ugly photos. If you accidentally took a shine ugly, and can not add filters, retouching or use other methods to beautify seen through the eye, it will be promptly removed. Not always the case. According to the ugly past abound, as it seems almost deliberately and with karma color, in order to humiliate and distress imperfect photographer deity. When a key original Kodak camera to take pictures of the prevalence, most of the photos are not worth saving. Who do not know how to focus.

Few people know when to turn off the flash, and how off.

Few people have the aesthetic sense.

You never know what the outcome will be, once pressed the little button. Before the next day appear desirable photo print shop, you know the answer, usually have to wait a week or longer.

You put a little black film to Potomat (in the 1960s in the United States self-service kiosks, this site offers photo service Note), time to go back to take pictures filled with hope, just remember that time because according to what the film very precious, you may have spent months to shoot a roll, especially if it can take 36 rather than 24 words. But when you open the envelope only to find one by one all the vague and terrible.

Look like a photo album of this period with the unspeakable, sometimes the lack of a rational look past a dark period quitting. In those days, I cry at the party, when the reunion gloomy.

You look at the state of the best rare moment, no one ever thought to bring a camera.

According to campus generally true record of horrifying pictures.

Your braces. Mess in the distribution formula.

Mottled gray background chug. You might want to get your ugly sweeping the envelope size of 810 inches and hide from their parents before they were scheduled to see of course the expensive filming in series but in any case, they will keep these pictures, as if deliberately and you make life difficult. From this perspective, selfie becoming mainstream reality people can not understand. God knows how so many people keen to photograph yourself? This has always been cramped shy teen group will spend a whole afternoon to pose for pictures and let the self-perfection.

Older people around the world love selfie is very strong, tourist bus will stop halfway, not to allow visitors to mediocre shooting landscapes and landmarks vintage photos, but let them beat themselves. But not all.

To take pictures for fun people remember the past now seem less formal, less well dressed day.

Young people were using digital technology of the popular Dispo camera application that allows users to have to wait until the next day 9:00, photos can be developed, then they will see the tragic results. Dispo claiming to live in the moment of social media products no retouching, no subject tag, label-free images.

According ugly it possible to let us see what you want or must-see something? (Translated from October 25 Lifeng Qin United States, "Atlantic" magazine website).

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