[Nesterday World] The epidemic is shrouded how many countries crack "employment difficult"

[Nesterday World] The epidemic is shrouded how many countries crack "employment difficult"

BBT University Graduates Representatives participated in the graduation ceremony through remote operating robots "Newme". (Source: BBT University Official Website) In China, for the most special memories of students in this special graduation season, Fudan University School of Management launches drone flight activities.

400 drones took off at the Huangpu River, transformed "graduation cap", "I wish 2020 graduates," in the night sky, etc. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications helps them to grant the degree certificate at the on-site by means of the company’s "Cloud" connection part of the company.

Remote graduates can interact with the on-site real-time interaction through the tablet display, online experience head, wearing a robe, and the principal to accept the degree certificate and the stitcher. The situation is not optimistic, "difficult" is even more difficult to spread in the dual pressure of the epidemic and economic downtime, this year’s employment situation is not optimistic.

At the President of the State Council jointly-defense joint control mechanism held on May 12 this year, Wang Hui, Director of the University of the Ministry of Education, said that in 2020, my country’s graduates in China were 8.74 million, a year-on-year increase of 400,000.

This makes this competition in the "Mr. Muchong" become more fierce. The new crown epidemic on the impact of the employment market in various countries is appearing. The South Korean Statistical Office issued data on June 10 that in May this year, South Korea’s employment population was 26.93 million, which was reduced by 10,000, and the number of unemployed and unemployment reached the highest level since 1999.

On June 25th, a survey data released by South Korea Bank (Central Bank) showed that 451 South Korea’s interviewed enterprises,% of companies expressed their reduction, suspend or cancel this annual recruitment plan.

In 2020, Russia will graduate from about 410,000 students, including 10,000 graduates.

Farialkov, Minister of Federal Science and Technology and Higher Education, said that compared with graduate students who can take care of learning and work, the undergraduate graduates have ushered in great unemployment risks.

According to the data released by the Russian Social Labor Relations, the data released by the Three-Party Committee, at the end of May, the competition ratio in the Russian Labor Market has risen to 100 positions per 184 people.

The French Economic Minister Panier Roah, who has described "being sacrificed" to describe the "employment difficult" of university graduates this year.

According to statistics from the French Employment Service Center, in April this year, the number of people with unemployed in France has increased by France’s highest value since 1996, which has increased by 840,000 expenditures in March, which also leads to a French job market. The work of graduates will get more tense.

According to the report released by the French Senior Manager Employment Association, in April this year, France’s employment opportunities provided by SSS graduates fell by 69% compared with the same period last year.

According to the survey data released by the Australian Statistics, in May 20020, the number of employed people in Australia has reduced nearly 10,000 people, and the number of unemployed has increased by 85,700. In addition, Australian job vacancies have a high historical high, and the vacancies decreased by 43% in the second quarter of this year. The government stabilizes "rice bowl" multi-party union jointly urged employment to face severe employment situations, governments have introduced a number of measures to ensure employment. Enterprises, universities, etc. also join in combination, and all-round "protect the escort". In order to solve the problem of employment problems, Russia’s federal subjects jointly launch a variety of help measures.

Falikov, Minister of Federal Science and Technology and Higher Education, said that 207 professional employment centers were established in colleges and universities, and positively helped graduates prepare for employment. In addition, 28 Russian federal subjects also jointly created 2 to 6 months of paid internship posts for their recent graduates.

The French government states that youth employment as a "national priority", and adopt a series of measures including apprentice systems to facilitate job hunting for young people under the age of 24.

South Korea’s planning of the Ministry of Finance said that the government will create more jobs through public utilities to achieve this year’s hiring objectives. The Incheon City is announced that the "Youth Employment Support Project" to help youth employment for SMEs in Incheon. Specifically, pay the new entrant worker’s 3 months of the enterprise to the employee, 3 months after the enterprise, and the two months of providing 100,000 Korean coins (about 600 yuan) training subsidies will be provided to the youth. . It is reported that this help measures will be implemented until June 2021.

The Seoul City Beach District Government provides training enterprises to provide recruitment support, using artificial intelligence technology to simulate the job seeker, thus providing employment consulting, recommended, etc. A series of occupational management services. The Australian Federal Government announced a series of measures to support employers affected by the epidemic, providing wage subsidies for their employees to help employers retain existing employees and recruit new employees. At the same time, the applicants provide the latest information, data and recommendations of the labor market, assess the influence of the epidemic on the industry, and introduce existing employment opportunities. In addition, the Australian Federal Government website is also set up "Employment Quick Start Plan" sector, and the job seeker can get all kinds of information such as the preparing resume and job trust, interview skills.

During the epidemic, the site also launched online training courses to help people increase employment competitiveness.

Australian education, skills and employment sectors have previously established a work center, support job seekers and employers to establish links in the job market. At the end of May, the department also held a virtual job fair to attract more than 30 companies and agencies to provide more than 500 jobs. In May, the Supreme Macao profession week, the department also invited seven professional employees to share their own experience and secrets online, providing help for job seekers.

For China, the government has placed employment issues as a top priority.

In this year’s government work report, the term "employment" was mentioned 39 times.

The government’s work report emphasizes that employment priorities should be fully enhanced.

Policy such as finance, currency and investment, to support steady employment, actively increase new employment, and promote unemployed employment. Small micro enterprises, individual industrial and commercial household tax payment will be delayed next year. It is expected that the new year is reduced to enterprises over 100 million yuan.

The report clearly proposed that it is necessary to promote market-wide employment, colleges and land governments to provide undue linear employment services.

Funding to train, this year, two years of vocational skills training, more than 35 million people, and the higher vocational colleges have expanded 2 million people, to make more workers’ long skills, good employment. In the context of epidemic prevention, companies are also constantly exploring new forms of recruitment and facilitate job seekers.

Korea’s largest telecom operators enterprises provide unified specifications of high-configuration gift packages, including tablet, computer bracket, unlimited traffic network card, interview guide, etc., maximize the quality and fairness of recruitment.

After the interview is over, the company will use hardware such as tablets to disinfect and reuse. Online display work environment, old employees share work experience, live broadcast detailed remuneration … Recently, "live broadcast" became a new thing in China.

Through the "Internet + Employment" means, "live broadcast" optimization "online recruitment" is introduced to help achieve "steady employment". During the "live broadcast" process, the staff introduced the relevant positions of the recruitment enterprise online, and arranged vocational guidance, Q & A and other links to answer netizens concerned. Subsequent, job seekers can choose from their own resume.

"Live broadcast, online Q & A, more interactive interactive compared to traditional recruitment methods, let us have more intuitive understanding of the target company.

"Graduates who watch live broadcast said. Employment is the biggest people’s livelihood. In front of the epidemic, there is also a multi-party effort to cooperate with difficulties, and it needs to go to the crisis as a machine, and the innovation is changed. .

(Source: Xinhuanet, Global Network, China News Network) (Editor: Cui Yue, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

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