Xingtai Holding: History of financial empowerment to exercise and do practical things and solve problems

Xingtai Holding: History of financial empowerment to exercise and do practical things and solve problems

Hefei glow of primary school shared parking.

Hefei City of Science and Technology Park for live help, stop "wisdom" of "data" of Hefei City Park also explore direction.

Hefei City Park storming party members as the backbone, independent research and development "should stop Hui big data cloud platform" and mobile phone APP, holographic master road parking operation situation.

Meanwhile Resources Administration data for the city and the "digital city", "public security Skynet" "intelligent transportation" and "high moral map" and other platforms to provide data support for traffic management, public security, urban management energized. While the development of "intelligent parking guidance system," the government public parking, curb parking, public parking and other information interoperability, data-induced open to the public parking.

According to reports, since the party history study and education, Hefei City Park has completed construction of 67 parking guidance screen, send 33 million pieces of data, greatly facilitate public access to real-time parking information.

Parking wisdom accelerate the pace of upgrading, intelligent, unmanned, all-weather "cloud" management, improve utilization and turnover berth, convenient for the owners to provide 24-hour service. It is worth mentioning that during this year’s college entrance examination, Hefei City Park with the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau and other departments to carry out related work, will be in the 11 test sites in Hefei, a total of 17 sections of more than 900 parking spaces sent to test vehicles for free. From as early as 6:00 am to 18:00, admission ticket sent to test the parents only need to provide original or a copy, you can enjoy the benefits of free parking. High quality and efficient service of the real economy as the establishment of an early local financial holding group across the country, nearly 20 years, has been quietly Xingtai Holding to small and medium micro enterprise development potential of transport "Financial nutrients", nurture them bigger and stronger.

Financing, Xudai difficult, the cost has been high growth small and medium micro enterprises difficult turn of the road "mountain."

Is located in Hefei High-tech Zone, is mainly engaged in the wisdom of campus construction and operation of a technology company is such a much-needed boost business growth. May 2021, the technology company has a pen 10 million bank loan will expire ten days later, but he could not scrape together such a large amount, and bank loans if overdue, will be on production and business reputation and adversely influence. Suddenly stressful business, critical juncture, the person in charge understands Xingtai Xingtai Holding’s capital possession Xudai bridge financing of project services, so, the responsible person immediately get in touch with business people. Staff Xingtai owned pipe in understanding the state of the business, the first time with details Xudai bridge financing products on-site service, described in detail for the process, the required information and the use of rates and other information.

In order to save the company time, Xingtai and information management staff to guide the company through a letter submitted to the platform and easy loan for business, greatly eliminating the time running back and forth. Under the premise of complete material risk compliance will be completed within five working days of the funds invested 10 million yuan lending, to help enterprises weather the financial storm.

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