Winning grain loss is in action

Winning grain loss is in action

  The grain, the life of the people, the heavy treasure of the country. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Solving the problem of food for more than one billion people, always is the first major event of our party to governing the country." "Food security is the fundamental problem of human survival, reducing food loss is an important importance of food security way.

"The" Food Symposium "issued by the National Office of China is clearly proposed.

Improve the level of food security, insist on open source and throttling, and increase production and damage parallel, with a clear action guide.

  There is food in your hands, and your heart is not panic. my country’s food production has been harvest, and the total grain production of food this year will continue to grow. The national food production will remain in trillion more than 7 consecutive years. At the same time, my country’s food per capita accounted is much higher than the International Food Security Standard Line. The roots of agriculture are more stable, and the rice bowl is more secure. We should have a different kind of risks and challenges. At present, my country’s food demand has grown, and the resource environment is increasingly tightened. The global neogong epidemic continues to spread, the impact of climate change is increasing, and the difficulty of ensuring the stability of food supply is increased.

Therefore, food security must always maintain a crisis awareness.

  During the grain, it is imperative, it is imperative.

According to UN Food and Agriculture Statistics, the global food from production to retail is about 14% of the world’s food production from production to retail.

This loss is reduced by 1 percentage point, which is equivalent to adding more than 27 million tons of food, enough 70 million people to eat for one year. In this sense, the grain loss is equivalent to the production of food, which is an "intangible field" that increases the effective supply of food. It is an important part of improving the level of food security. Carry out food savings, reduce waste, and significant significance. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "To adhere to unremitting dining and waste." In recent years, various regions have continuously increased efforts to save, against food waste work, and achieve positive results. At the same time, we must also see that my country is the world’s largest food producer and consumer, the task of loss of the whole industry chain grain is still quite heavy, the space is still very large.

  Suppose food security, promoting the damage of the grain, and strengthen the full chain control. Title of grain production, storage, transportation, processing, consumption, etc. The integrated policy is connected to the "production storage and transportation" full chain damage.

  Guaranteed food security, promoting the damage of the grain, and the innovation of scientific and technological innovation. Science and technology empowering development, innovating the future. At the same time as the basic scientific research of each link, increase investment, continuous innovation, improve the mechanical performance and quality of agricultural machinery, and improve the level of food processing technology and equipment. By strengthening innovation drivers, promoting the grain loss work from "soft requirements" to "hard support".

  Guaranteed food security, promoting drainage loss, and inseparable from the whole society to participate. "One porridge is a meal, it is not easy to think about it; half of the silk is half, the fascination of the material is difficult," saving is a virtue that is never.

Since I start, I will consciously participate in the "CD Action" in the daily life, let "Ke", "Qi Qi", "Qi Zhi", the value of the value of "以 俭", so that the good habit of saving, opposing waste is a common society . During the grain loss, focus on action. Let us be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, putting the goals of all food savings as soon as possible, and promoting the saving and damage of the various sections of the food whole industry chain, in order to accelerate the constructing higher level, higher quality, More efficient, more sustainable national food security system laying a solid foundation, and better stabilizes the "crimping stone" of national food security. (Editor: Yuan Bo, Haojiang Zhen) Sharing let more people see.

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