The five heroes in the textbook – the cutest people

The five heroes in the textbook – the cutest people

Copular historical textbooks and Chinese textbooks have told the history of the changing mutation from different perspectives and those skilled hero stories. The eighth grade book "Anti-US Aid" is written in the eighth grade book. In June 1950, North Korea’s civil war broke out. The United States sent troops to invade North Korea. He has been hitting the Chinese border duck green river; US military aircraft invaded China’s airspace, bombing China Northeast border City, seriously threatening China’s security.

In October 1950, the Chinese People’s Volunteers should request, and they are majestic, and they have crossing ducks.

In order to resist the US aid, Huang Guo, Huang Jiguang, Sichuan, rural, the same, many of the bloody youth, volunteering, and went to the front line.

In 1952, he participated in the famous Shangridge Battle.

Shang Ganling is the main position of Wusheng Mountain, which is related to the safety of the entire central front.

The Volunteer Army is here to compete with the enemy, and the battle is extremely fierce. Huang Jiguang’s operations were in the past four days and four nights. On the fifth day, he received the superior command, and he wanted to capture the enemy occupied by the enemy before dawn.

When I arrived at the highlands when I arrived at the highlands, the enemy was critical, and the casualties were great. On the occasion of the danger, Huang Jiguang, who is a troop, tens forward, take the initiative to ask.

The "Huang Jiguang" in the four-year textbook is selected. It is vividly described that the situation at the time: "Huang Jiguang has two soldiers, and climbed to the enemy’s firepower … The enemy found them, the bullets scan them like hail. Come over … "The comrades were sacrificed, and Huang Jiguang also bounced, but he stood up tenaciously in the rain in the bullets, and the enemy’s dinner was collapsed halfway with grenades.

The soldiers took the opportunity to charge forward. Unexpectedly, I went to the half road. The enemy’s machine gun called again, and the death of our army was suppressed on the hillside. The victory is only one step away.

The sky is bright, and the specified time is coming soon.

Just at this time, "Huang Jiguang stood up again! He opened his arms and spurt the firepower sprayed in the fire tongue, plugged the enemy’s machine gun shot with his own chest … ‘rushing, for Huang Jiguang ! The soldiers rushed to Haitao, and destroyed all enemies. "Anti-US aid, the battle hero did not only have Huang Jiguang, and Yang Guan Si, Qiu Shaoyun, Luo Sheng, Jiang Daoping and the like a large number of batches Chinese People’s Volunteer Warrior.

They carry forward a high degree of patriotism, revolutionary heroism, fighting with Korean military and civilians, and finally achieved the victory of anti-aggression war.

Sixty years later, when the "Shang Ganling" film theme song, the melodious tuning from the world’s different corners, the big river is not only the river, the rice flower is no longer only the rice on both sides. Flowers, it is the hero to defend the thoracotheld – my motherland. Bold, Yang Guowei, bloody soul! How many combat heroes will always stop the feast of the charge, but the path of flesh and the nation have opened up the road to the country and the nation.

They are always "the most lovely people" in the hearts! .

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