Xining City, Chengzhong District: Innovation Exploration Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Work New Model

Xining City, Chengzhong District: Innovation Exploration Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Work New Model

Drinking Horse Street Street is a community detoxification (rehabilitation) workstation as an effective carrier, actively raising funds, establishing an independent community drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) workstation office, established a drug model display hall, lack of phantom imaging experience room, psychological courage, etc. Introducing the human LED simulation serum circulating device, through "you after drug abuse", "drug use phantom imaging", systemic drug hazard imaging, drug users of human blood organ change, anti-drug models, etc. professional anti-drug series products, and invite anti-drug experts and drug rehabilitation success The statement of staff is in the form of people, let people from all walks of life, especially those who are more intuitive, comprehensive understanding of drugs, and improve their awareness. Building a drug to prevent education and defense, let the concept of "stay away from drugs, cherish life" deep into the hearts.

Drink Horse Street Area Community Drug Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation) Workstation works with Care, Service Detoxification (Rehabilitation) works as the entry point, effectively moves down, the defense line moves, and strongly promotes the in-depth development of the Chinese anti-drug project.

The street has established a long-term mechanism for "school + building" anti-drug publicity.

Using the spring, the autumn school is happy, take "going out" to preach, "please come in" experience, so that every young woman receives at least two different forms of anti-drug education, build a anti-drug for adolescents, refuse to promote Education line.

Up to now, education adolescents reach tens of thousands. At the same time, I walked into the building to be a "mother-in-law", often in the promotional color page, placing the dangers of the promotional exhibition board, etc., play the harm of "唠" drugs, and play the effects.

In addition, timely open detoxification (rehabilitation) workstations, maximize the use of community drug addiction (rehabilitation) workstations, always accept residents to understand drug knowledge and use high-tech to understand drug hazards.

In daily work, for drug rehabilitation addiction, physical condition, economic conditions, etc., implement classification management, distinctive drug rehabilitation, rehabilitation, community care and help as main measures, by professionals to detoxification (rehabilitation) Personnel conduct physiological, psychological drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) treatment, through professional guidance services, public security, judicial, civil affairs and other departments, volunteers, volunteers and social power to participate in community drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) work. In terms of employment.

Drinking Horse Street Street Incorporates Community Drug Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation) into the community construction and management, will meet the low-warrant conditions, and actively fulfill the return to social skills training, employment, etc. With the support of the department, Xinmin Street in the jurisdiction of Xinmin Street, the "Demonstration Point of Social Management Innovation and Placement and Resettlement", set up an electronic parking space, resettlement community drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) staff, solved their practical difficulties, let detoxification (Rehabilitation) The personnel feel deeply to the concern, care, care of the government society. In terms of personnel.

Implementing community drug rehabilitation measures to establish a ganglion team, a party, police, volunteers, psychologists and community drug rehabilitation personnel, award, visiting, visiting, and visiting , Psychological counseling, etc., timely understand the work and life of community drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation), to maximize drug users physically and psychological detoxification, delighted, effectively promote the standardization and institutionalization of drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) work.

(Source: Xining City, Chengzhong District Committee, Propaganda Department) (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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